Friday, April 29, 2011

Holy guacamole

Diabetic rules:
holy guacamole, yum!
with eleven chips.

So with this pregnancy I'm pre-gestational-diabetic. Which basically means that I'll have GD by the middle/end of my pregnancy (had it last time at the end) and now have to follow the GD diet and glucose testing regimen every day. Which, if you've ever had to do it, sucks.

However, there are some bright spots yet--guacamole is a "free" food, and a fab snack. (Preggers folks need the fat more than regular folks to help the wee one grow, so we get to splurge a bit!) And after a LONG COLD winter, creamy green avocado dip really hits the spot. It is truly holy.

I know in the end the baby will be worth all this work and calculation of carbohydrates, and hopefully the diabetes will go away afterwards.

To those of you out there with diabetes, I salute you--it's a tough road! People don't realize how much effort goes in to managing carbs and blood sugar levels on an hourly basis.

This post links up with my previous post, too--exercise is part of managing this issue. So, keep moving!


William Kendall said...

Diabetes runs in the family for me, so my odds of getting it down the line are fairly good.

Dora Dee said...

I hear you. When I was pregnant with my son (he just turned 21) I was told I might have it but thankfully it was a false alarm. Diabetes runs in my family too, ergo, I too want to nip it in the bud by exercising and watching what I eat. Now that I've committed to writing everyday, my biggest struggle is finding time to exercise. The guacamole dip sounds great.