Friday, September 17, 2010

Mind bending plotting

So we just saw _Inception_ and while I can already tell that I will quickly tire of my husband's constant references to the "subcons", the plot was really interesting. (He's sitting on the couch twitching nervously, eyes wide...maybe he needs a drink to unwind?? This is the same man who couldn't handle the wall clock I had in law school where the numbers were backwards and it ticked counter-clockwise...)
Without spoiling anything for those of you who haven't yet seen this film (interesting cast, too), it was a pleasant reminder that unique movies can still be made, and intriguing ideas brought forth through popular films.
As a writer, I was impressed by the layering and interweaving of the various plots and subplots, and the quick yet effective character development. Plus, they didn't spoonfeed us with clear explanations of what was happening, or where we were going. I found it encouraging. If this can be made for the average moviegoer to digest, I shouldn't have to worry too much about my readers catching on to what I'm throwing down in my story. Right?
Not that I'm comparing my writing with anything directed by Christopher Nolan--he's pretty talented. I remember after watching _Memento_ at the theater, I went into the ladies' room afterwards, discussing the movie with my friend Denise who walked in behind me. I had even turned back to glance at her as we chatted. But when I waited for her to finish up, I couldn't find her in any of the stalls, and when I went back outside, she was already out there, swearing she hadn't gone in at all! My brain was so loopy from the movie that I apparently hallucinated. Now that's effective writing!

Monday, September 06, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

It's back-to-school time, and I am prancing around singing what would otherwise be a Chritmas song for several reasons. First, my husband (a teacher) must go back to reality and go to work again! Sorry honey, but it feels good that we both have to get up and get real clothes on and go to work! No more lounging under the covers and then perusing the morning paper over a freshly brewed cup of joe while still in your robe. Too bad.
Second, I love the anticipation, excitement, and new-beginning feel in the air. I know some of the energy is palpable fear (of freshman, like my anxious nephew, for example) but still, it's energy and thus it energizes me!
Third, I like the crispness and buckle-down feel of fall. Time to get serious--which I can now apply to my writing life.
I may even buy new notebooks, pens, and highlighters. Why? Why not!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

At last!

Ahhhh! I've finally broken through the stuck-middle of my long writing project, a novel. Reading other books and paying attention to how sometimes the author just jumps to the next interesting part, without slogging through all the minutae, reminded me that I just needed to move forward and not worry so much about getting it "right" the first time. Allowing for much bad prose, trite dialogue, and plot holes made it a lot easier to get the words down on paper and move my story forward.
The story never really leaves my mind, and I know many things I want to get to, but I felt mired in a dull place, unsure of my next move. Finally today I was able to throw caution (and self-criticism) to the wind and just write.


Thankfully my writer's group meets soon, so they can give me another kick in the behind to keep motivated and get the first draft finished. It's possible--I can taste it!