Monday, September 06, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

It's back-to-school time, and I am prancing around singing what would otherwise be a Chritmas song for several reasons. First, my husband (a teacher) must go back to reality and go to work again! Sorry honey, but it feels good that we both have to get up and get real clothes on and go to work! No more lounging under the covers and then perusing the morning paper over a freshly brewed cup of joe while still in your robe. Too bad.
Second, I love the anticipation, excitement, and new-beginning feel in the air. I know some of the energy is palpable fear (of freshman, like my anxious nephew, for example) but still, it's energy and thus it energizes me!
Third, I like the crispness and buckle-down feel of fall. Time to get serious--which I can now apply to my writing life.
I may even buy new notebooks, pens, and highlighters. Why? Why not!

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Mr. Mommy said...

My students look at me funny when I tell them that Fall is my favorite season of the year -- the cool weather, the football, and also school starting. I love having a job that has a yearly beginning and end. Whatever happened last year, I have another chance to do better -- with all these new students, some of whom I haven't met yet, and some I'm happy to see again. It's pretty great -- except for the part about getting up early...