Wednesday, September 01, 2010

At last!

Ahhhh! I've finally broken through the stuck-middle of my long writing project, a novel. Reading other books and paying attention to how sometimes the author just jumps to the next interesting part, without slogging through all the minutae, reminded me that I just needed to move forward and not worry so much about getting it "right" the first time. Allowing for much bad prose, trite dialogue, and plot holes made it a lot easier to get the words down on paper and move my story forward.
The story never really leaves my mind, and I know many things I want to get to, but I felt mired in a dull place, unsure of my next move. Finally today I was able to throw caution (and self-criticism) to the wind and just write.


Thankfully my writer's group meets soon, so they can give me another kick in the behind to keep motivated and get the first draft finished. It's possible--I can taste it!

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