Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book or baby?

Every writer I know struggles to make writing a priority in life. I have this same struggle, recently complicated by my hubby and I wanting to have a second child. In theory, writing a book and having a baby sound like wonderful adventures, on which I could of course focus a lot of time and energy. In reality, they both are starting to freak me out!

Baby? How would this work? How would we juggle two children? Where would they sleep? (Though I've always told my hubby that a baby can sleep in a drawer, I didn't really intend to see that come true.) How on earth would we pay for daycare, diapers, food, for two children? Then what??

Book? How would this happen? How would I make writing enough of a priority to actually finish not only a first draft, but then go edit it and rework it till it's what I want to share? Who would want to read it? Then what??

The biggest struggle right now is trying to find the time to work toward these goals (though I'm not doing both at the same moment, I assure you!). After work, playing with our son, fixing dinner, trying to keep the house from falling in on itself, and all the minutiae of everyday life--who has time to write? Who has energy to procreate?? I barely have the energy to brush my teeth.

So, book or baby, or both or neither? Eek!