Thursday, December 09, 2010


Clearly I need to clear more time in my schedule for writing. So, I think I'm going to try this method I heard about and write 10 minutes each day, every day. Starting with just 10, and not letting it go beyond that until it's a daily habit. They say, what 45 days to form a habit? So, I should see some results by February. And, ten minutes every day compared to maybe a few hours a month--the 10 would be more productive in the long-run.


Regina said...

I wish I could dedicate some time of my day to writing. I have let too many days go by without touching anything and I feel terrible.

I need to get into a routine too. Best wishes and have a wonderful holiday!!

Betsy said...

Regina--you can do it! The thing that will make you feel not-terrible is sitting down for a few minutes and writing!
Best wishes!
I must say, it's day 3, and so far so good on my 10 minutes per day goal. It truly is doable--10 mins flies by and I can justify that amount of time pretty much no matter what.

Mr. Mommy said...

I am really impressed that you've stuck to your writing resolution. I knew you were serious about it when you stayed up after midnight on a Saturday night after we'd had a couple manhattans and watched MST3K THEN Columbo -- quite impressive.