Saturday, November 14, 2009

So this is why there should be two parents....

Steve's off at my family's men-folk's deer camp overnight, so I'm solo with the baby. Which is fine, really, except that I started to really freak myself out by doing things like staring at his eyes too long, and wondering why the whites of his eyes are so WHITE! And listening too carefully, until I wondered why he makes that Tarzan noise? Is that some hallmark of early voice box issues? And is that sniffle getting worse? Is it the flu?!? And why is he giving me that funny look??

The other parent is mostly there to help keep you from driving yourself insane. And to remind you that you're just worrying yourself for no reason. And to tell you that that soon that Tarzan call will be a hazy memory, so you'd best enjoy it today.

At last, Griffy's asleep. Whew! I can now focus my worry-maker on the ridiculous weather-thriller, _Ice Twisters_, on the SyFy channel. (And worry over why they ever changed their name from the proper SciFi spelling?!? What's the world coming to?)

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