Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blowin' in the wind

Griffy has finally got fabulous hair! It's amazing that he now has grown enough of it to actually flow in the breeze.

Why is it that all of the sudden he resists napping? He's tired. He's had lunch, a bottle, play time, and he's moaning in Tarzaneze (sounds like a hoarse Tarzan call. Very funny). Yet, he refuses to go to sleep!
Please, Mommy needs a nap too--can you please get groggy? *sigh!*

Doesn't help that I've got the duty-phone the week, so I'm on call. Turns out this tough economy isn't slowing the boozing down. I got numerous blood search warrant calls in the last few nights. No sleep for me!

Ooh, is Griffin showing signs of slowing down? Was that an eye-rub I just saw?? Let's hope.

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