Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shred Day Heaven

Shred Day made me grin
as piles and bags of papers
became confetti.

FYI, if you want to shred multiple documents (you know, old tax forms, bank statements, check duplicates, phone records, etc) in a VERY efficient manner, Google "shred day" and your area to find local FREE events where industrial size shredders (which means NO REMOVAL OF STAPLES/PAPERCLIPS NECESSARY!) can reduce all your sensitive information to bits in mere seconds. Many cities are starting to host these, as are private businesses, to encourage prevention of ID theft and also recycling (that's right, the shreds are all recycled!). (The one I went to was hosted by Iron Mountain Paper Co., and was wonderful!)

It was a revelatory experience for me. I clapped afterward with glee. The workers seemed a little wary of my outright joy, but that event removed pounds of old paperwork that would have taken me days to shred with my puny 6 page shredder (not to mention removing all staples first).

Try it--you'll like it!


The Desert Rocks said...

Yikes. I always shudder when I walk by gardeners using a wood-chipper.
Fargo ruined me.

William Kendall said...

These are something similar to the mobile shredder trucks that we see on city streets, huh?

Anonymous said...

We had burn day. Five years of paperwork burnt on bonfire night. No one's stealing my identity. Though with my credit history, who would want it?

shelly said...


Anonymous said...

Woah O.o That sounds like a fun day out. I gotta look that up in my area.

Pothys said...

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