Wednesday, January 05, 2011

"I'm delightful!"

I've come to realize that being a writer (or any other kind of artist) means having to be selfish sometimes. We probably all struggle with this issue from time to time (either because we are too good at being selfish, or not good enough at it!). In order to focus in on our thoughts and sit down to pour them out on paper, one must shut the rest of the world (and its needs) out.

I was gleefully reminded of this while watching an old episode of Andy Richter Controls the Universe. (If you've never seen it, do--great laugh therapy!) In this particular episode, a friend of Andy's who's an actress is trying to determine whether to give up her dream of acting professionally some day. She's the understudy for a high-maintenance actress in a theater production who will never let her get a moment on stage. Thus, Andy tries to help his friend out by getting the main actress sick so the understudy can pay the role instead. While Andy's in the actress's dressing room, she's very self-centered and self-indulgent, and she says something odd, then laughs and murmers, "I'm delightful!" while smiling at herself in the mirror.

It just made me stop for a moment and think that it's ok to find one's self delightful now and then--that's how we get the courage to try to catch our dreams! If I don't ever let myself think my writing is delightful, I'll never bother to make time for it, or share it with anyone.

So, grab your inner diva and wallow in your own delightfulness for a while--it's good for the artistic soul!

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Mr. Mommy said...

You ARE delightful! And if Griffy knew the word, he would realize that he is, too. I can see him telling everyone at day care: "I delightful!"