Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can you hear me now?

I learned an unexpected lesson about voice from, of all things, an email spam virus. Said virus somehow attacked my email account and sent out a fake email (pretending to be from me) to all of my contacts, urging them to check out some website with dubious content.

So, I got several friends who told me in person that I'd had a viral email sent out from my account. What was interesting was how most people instantly knew the message wasn't from me because it "didn't sound like you". I have a struggle with my inner writer every time I write an email, fearing they are boring, lifeless, and generic-sounding. (Similar to my fears about my fiction writing.) Apparently not. Even those folks who I only have contact with infrequently saw that this wasn't me writing--heard a different voice. Nice!

We take the tiny boosts in confidence as we find them, eh?

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