Friday, March 26, 2010

book covers

I took these photos on our honeymoon in Wyoming--and thought they would make good book-jacket covers.

Which is your favorite, and what kind of story do you think it would suggest?


Amanda said...

I like the sharpness of the top photo, but the texture of the grass in the bottom one. Hmmmm....Really now I just want to go to Wyoming.

Mr. Mommy said...

The bottom one is quite possibly my favorite picture of all time -- when I look at it I feel like I could walk into the water, sink down into the pond and let the cloud in the water envelop me. If it were a book cover, the plot would have to involve amnesia. Not in a cheezy plotboiler sort of way, or even in a diagnosable sort of way -- just in the way we forget things that may be significant later on in our lives, and if there is nobody to remind us of them, and nobody has recorded them, we can never reclaim them...which makes what Grandma has done even more important and remarkable.