Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why is it so tough?

Why do we fight with ourselves on our most basic goals? Why can't I keep the dishes done, the laundry from piling up, the dog's hair from matting, my mail from camoflaging my dining room table?

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Seneca said...

I sometimes write out a list of goals that I have for the week, I keep it super simple...mail that card, pay that bill, paint your nails, buy that gift...sometimes I accomplish everything on my list, most weeks I don't. Its tough because we often have way too much on our hands and not enough fingers to grasp all of it...*sigh*...don't feel bad about the dog's hair though Bets, our black cat was covered in matted fur,(something that went undected by us)...she took it upon herself to pull them all out the other day, no lie, the entire bedroom floor was covered in black balls of fur, such a nice sight...OH, and there's soo much mail piled around our sink right now, I couldn't even tell you if there was dishes in the sink (I'm thinking that there probably is though)